Parenting support: how I can help you best support your child

The decision to seek therapy for your child is not always an easy one. As a parent, you might feel helpless and at a loss to provide your child with what you know is needed right now. If your child has been struggling for some time, or if recent events have impacted your child’s typical resilience and ability to cope, I am here to help. I will listen to your concerns and challenges, and provide parenting support that helps create beneficial change for your child and family. My job is not only to support your child, but to empower you to feel more confident in your ability to successfully use recommended strategies with your child.

You can support your child to create effective and lasting change

I know you are hugely important in your child’s life, and can be an expert on how your child negotiates through the world. I know by even reading this paragraph and looking at my website you are in the process of seeking positive change for your child. I also know how imperative your support is to the success of the therapy process. It is a luxury for me to collaborate with you during sessions and in regards to your child’s well -being. Together we can create a manageable plan to implement strategies at home to decrease stress levels in your household. Since I only see your child for one hour a week, I need your help in supporting your child to generalize positive coping skills learnt in session to home, school, and community settings. I am always available for parenting support when new or unexpected challenges arise.

Autism help for parents

If you are a parent of a child with autism, I am here to give you specialized parenting support to assist you in strengthening your child’s positive coping skills and collaborating with you to develop a customized treatment plan that resonates best with your child. I offer a program that fits your child’s unique and individual needs: a combination of behavioral therapy, developmental play therapy, and art therapy, all infused with a mental health focus to target more complex cognitive and emotional issues. In my practice, I specialize in help for children with autism. As a parent of a child with autism, it can be very difficult to negotiate the best ways to seek and obtain effective resources for your child. In my work with kids with autism and their families, I know how important it is to feel your child’s needs are being met. It is essential that your child is motivated to reach his/her full potential, yet able to effectively meet challenges across settings of home, school, and the community.

Parenting Support FAQs

I would love you to participate as much as your child desires! Your support is crucial during the therapy process, and ideally I will enlist collaboration with both you and your child from the first session onward.

Yes! Depending upon the age of your child, I think it is often best to let your child know first that I will be meeting with you to help support you with making things work better at home. During these sessions, any information your child wishes me to share with you I am happy to share.

If you are not present in the session, I will give your child the opportunity to share and collaborate with you during or at the end of the session time. If a child chooses not to do so I respect privacy, and if appropriate, I might instead talk about a broader goal or focus of the session. It is important that your child trusts me and feels safe to share confidential information. As we move through the therapy process, I am happy to provide general updates, helpful strategies to best support your child’s progress, and with your child’s permission, provide you with more details. Your child’s safety is my number one concern, so I will assure you that you will be informed of all necessary information.

I customize the session to the individual child and in support of current goals. A typical session involves a check in regarding mood and events of the past week, can consist of a combination of activities related to art therapy and play therapy, and can also involve practicing and reinforcing new skills through worksheets, books, role plays, and collaborative therapeutic games.

I feel the best policy is to be honest with your child about who I am, and why it is important to come see me. Therapy works best when a child is engaged in the process, and motivated to participate and work towards goals. During the first session I tell children that I do not think they are the problem or feel like I need to “fix” them. I tell them problems often happen within families, and we all are going to collaborate as a team to help solve them. I make sure to share that my job is to make things easier for them, and that my first priority is to keep them safe.

Each session will be approximately 50 minutes. It is difficult to give a specified length of time to the therapy process until we begin to work together. Many factors are involved including the severity of the presenting problem, the nature of your concerns, the frequency of sessions, your collaboration with me, and the child’s motivation to participate. Therapy usually ends when a child’s issues or challenges are resolved, and when we can see your child’s confidence has increased in his/her ability to utilize positive coping skills effectively. When I feel that your child no longer has problems to work on with me during session, I will begin to have a discussion with you and your child about “graduating” from therapy.

Typically therapy takes place once a week at the start. When problems and concerning symptoms begin to alleviate, we might decide together to have therapy every other week and work toward eventual termination.

You can contact me in any number of ways! Please feel free to email at, or fill out either the appointment request box found at the bottom of each web page, or the form found on the main contact page. If you would like to call, my phone number is 310-596-7222 and I will be happy to speak briefly with you to find out how I can best help your child and family. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you might have, get a sense about whether we might be a good fit, and decide to move forward with scheduling our first session appointment. I hope to hear from you soon!